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How TO Drain Wrong Fuel From Your Car?

Remove and remove the contaminated fuel in a suitable manner in accordance with the surroundings bureau instructions. Drain the wrong fuel from one’s vehicle in a secure and controlled manner.

Standard Gas Heater

Our specialist technicians will utilize cutting fuel removal equipment to make sure that individuals drain all of the gas out of your vehicle. There is absolutely no need to panic — our affordable services will drain your gas tank and also form out your car in no time.

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01. Even better, we also carry a group of representatives across the UK who are dedicated to providing you reliable, highly portable services, meaning that — no matter where you are in the country — we’re always available to supply wrong fuel removal solutions.


02. Purge the above with brand new fuel as required. Here at Reliable Fuel, we are offering mobile fuel drain services in London and the South East for over 9 years — so we know precisely how frustrating it can be to put the wrong fuel in your vehicle, and also what needs to be achieved in order to get you back to the way.

Require the contaminated fuel out of one’s vehicle in a secure and controlled way.


Do not panic. As we said, setting the wrong fuel is a mistake frequent, in fact, that we’ve become pros when it comes to helping such conditions. It isn’t important whether you’ve placed petrol in a diesel car or vice versa, even as Gmm Fuel Assist here to help with our range of wrong fuel recovery and gas drain providers.

It’s even more widespread than it might seem, although putting the wrong fuel in your motor vehicle is among those mistakes which you believe will not happen to you. It’s often because moment once you’ve been rushing home, and detected that your fuel tank is getting low, that you fill up and just do a stop, once you’ve finished that something is amiss, just to realise. You think’ I’ve put the wrong fuel in my car’, which is when the fear sets in.

  • Start the car and check the appropriate functioning of the engine, making sure that no air is within the computer system.
  • Remove and dispose of the contaminated fuel in a proper manner in accordance with all environment agency instructions.
  • Purge the aforementioned with new fuel as essential.
  • Start the vehicle and examine the right functioning of this engine, which makes sure no air remains in the computer system.

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